Thoughts from parents

I arrive at the course amongst all the fog,
Can’t decide where to sit – let alone for how long.

Who will I meet? What will they think?
How will it help me, before we all sink?

Through gritted teeth, I explained about my child,
It doesn’t sit easy that my child is wild.

As the weeks fly by, my nerves seem to pass,
now it’s the last week , its happened so fast.

No longer I fight, the battle is won,
I no longer keep my children under my thumb.

We all work together to keep up the peace,
we laugh now and smile – we’re trying at least.

So thanks facilitators for all you have taught,
I’m grateful for the help in changing my thoughts.

And of course, not forgetting my children say thanks too,
they now have a calmer mummy – and it’s all thanks to you.

When I started this course I felt like a failure and that I had little control over what was happening. I felt the course was a punishment, but now I realise it what a blessing.

I wish every parent could do this course.

I felt empowered after each session. I feel that problems aren’t to huge or scary to tackle as this course has given me amazing tools.

Dealing with things in small steps makes it so much more manageable.

I have learnt to tune in, actively listen , and the importance of pressing the Pause button.

“Most importantly of all, I have fallen in love with my children again. When you learn to take a step back and be more objective you get to see just how lucky you are.

Before I went to my first Parents Plus session I felt apprehensive about what would happen or if I would be judged.

On my first session all of my fears disappeared. I was made to feel very welcome by the other parents and the course leaders. I felt safe, respected and understood.

The sessions are relaxed and  informal (you even get tea and biscuits!) There is no pressure on you during the session, you can join in or just listen.

I’ve gained lots of new skills;  the Pause Button, learning to Tune In and plan are valuable tools I now use every day.

The course has helped me to think about how my daughter is feeling, her emotions and why her routines are so important to her. Before, I would have just seen the meltdown and not understood why it was happening. I definitely recommend the Parents Plus course.